From August 31st to September 3rd we are present at Cibus PARMA, International Food Exhibition, in its 20th edition.

We are excited to participate: primarily because Cibus 2021 is the first International Italian Exhibition B2B to reopen in presence and we could not imagine a better stage for our "debut".

In addition, we are really happy to be there because we want to make our contribution to make you smile with what we do best, a culinary joy that tastes like…reconquest.

A reconquest for all the people that have had to or wanted to renounce to the flavors of our traditional cuisine for ethical or health reasons, but want to taste again Grandma's homemade Pesto or Salami, that never missed on beautifully laid tables for Christmas or for special occasions.

Evoke those scents, those flavors and that incomparable sensation of satisfaction is our daily challenge, and we have dedicated with love, creativity and professionalism.

We wait for you with three super news previews:

Lo stagionato Vegeatal is a handcrafted product 100% vegetable and legumes based. It is guaranteed gluten-free and dairy-free, his typical taste is obtained from slow aging will be able to surprise you: cut it into slices to enrich with taste your panini and sandwiches, or into dices for aperitifs or creative recipes! Available in size 180g, Traditional or Chilli taste.

Hummus Fresco Vegeatal is hummus made with Italian organic chickpeas, made with extra virgin olive oil and is guaranteed gluten-free. Typical Middle Eastern processing operations, in this delicious and smooth cream, the persistent flavor can be distinguished from the delicate taste of chickpeas and that pungent taste with a squeeze of lemon juice. Ideal to spread on crackers and crostini or to accompany fresh vegetables.       Available in size 180g.

Pesto Vegeatal with Grattaveg is 100% vegetable with basil, pine nuts, and our favorite grated grattaveg. We bet that it will not make you regret the homemade Pesto you ate as a kid.


We can't wait to let it taste to you:

see you at CIBUS PARMA – Pavilion 6, Stand D052 …Ready to surprise you!